Apprenticeship service

What is the Apprenticeship Service for SMEs?

The Apprenticeship Service has been created within the framework of the European Erasmus+ project AppHelp4SMEs with the partnership of seven partners representing three different countries (Cyprus, Poland, UK) with the aim of providing guidance and support to SMEs in Cyprus and Poland for creating quality apprenticeship placements.

Who are the intermediary bodies responsible for the operation of the Apprenticeship Service?


All three intermediary bodies below work in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture – Department of Secondary Technical and Vocational Education (STVE) who has the overall responsibility of the national Apprenticeship Scheme for Vocational Education and Training in Cyprus.

  • Cyprus Confederation of Professional Craftsmen and Shopkeepers (CyPOVEK)
  • Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)
  • Paphos Chambers of Commerce and Industry (PCCI)


  • The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP)


Which services are provided to SMEs?

Each national intermediary body has well-trained apprenticeship facilitators ready to offer FREE guidance and support to SMEs who are interested in participating in the apprenticeship scheme in the respective country.

The apprenticeship facilitators are ready to provide to SMEs the following services:

  • Information, advice and guidance to SMEs
  • Guidance on designing quality apprenticeships
  • Guidance for attracting and selecting the right apprentices
  • Guidance on the development of an apprenticeship agreement
  • Guidance on the proper induction of apprentices at the workplace
  • Guidance on in-company training and supervision of apprentices at the workplace
  • Links between SMEs and national apprenticeship schools
  • Promotion of available apprenticeship positions



For more information about the Apprenticeship Service in Cyprus and Poland please visit the respective portals with detailed information available in the national language.